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Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and it experiences the most amount of traffic in the house. Why struggle with a boring and cumbersome kitchen when we at Heffleger Kitchens in Reading, PA, can remodel and transform it in no time! We can improve its functionality and looks with our high-quality designs, products, and installations.

When you hire us to remodel your kitchen, our friendly staff will visit your home, take measurements, and plan your new kitchen with all your needs in mind.

Trust in our business’ 60 years of design experience. We go the extra mile to provide you with quality work.

Get a stunning kitchen that'll exceed your expectations

As quality is our focus, we use certified design staff and expert craftsmen who pay great attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance, your kitchen will be better than you dreamed.

Your kitchen renovation or remodeling doesn’t just stop at getting the right design. You can add beauty and functional space to your kitchen with our superior remodeling solutions. From skylight and rewiring to additional windows and doors, we do it all for you. You can count on our experienced team to give you the outcome that'll leave you delighted for sure.

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Get a kitchen that's functional and beautiful

Unique and customized kitchens

Unbelievable results

Full installations for great results

We understand how important it is for you to shop in a friendly "no-pressure" atmosphere. Our team doesn’t tell you what to include in your kitchen. You’ll get unlimited options as we specialize in what you need for remodels. We believe that a good customer relation is the key to success. Visit us and enjoy your shopping experience.

Unlimited options